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Dr. Kenneth A. Stanton

Dr. Kenneth Stanton

Dr. Kenneth Stanton, a successful dentist in Manchester NH, was first diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer, just 2 months before his son Justin was born. Dr. Stanton lost his left leg from the hip down as a result. Just 3 years later in 1991, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, completely independent of the first cancer. After his first brain surgery, Dr. Stanton was forced to sell his dental practice. Ken, however, refused to let cancer dictate his life and stayed active in the community, volunteering as a Boy Scout leader, at his local church, as well as a math and reading tutor at his children’s elementary school. In addition, Ken was extremely involved at the Greater Nashua Dental Connection, an organization that provides low income individuals affordable dental care. Ken was also a semi-professional trumpet player, having been involved with several productions including, the Ringling Brother's Circus, as well as the James Bond film, "Octopussy." Although his time was limited, he made the best out of his life, helping out his family and community. Tragically, on January 12, 2005 he passed away at the age of 48, after battling two independent cancers for nearly 17 years. Dr. Stanton’s legacy lives on through the Kenneth Stanton Fund, which raises money for vitally needed cancer research at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

The Kenneth Stanton Fund

The Kenneth Stanton Fund was founded in 2005 by Justin Stanton following the passing of his father. Justin refused to be a passive bystander to such a devastating disease. As a high school junior, Justin sprung into action forming a planning committee made up of his fellow high school students to help plan the first annual Kenneth Stanton Walk for Cancer which raised more than $30,000 in 2005. As part of his Eagle Scout Project, Justin set up the Kenneth Stanton Fund, the first ever sarcoma research fund at Massachusetts General Hospital. By 2006, the annual walk-a-thon had evolved into the Kenneth Stanton Memorial Golf Tournament, which raised $50,000 at its inaugural event.

Since its inception in 2005, The Kenneth Stanton Fund has provided over $400,000 for life saving cancer research at Massachusetts General Hospital, one of the leading cancer centers of the world. In addition to funding cancer research, The Stanton Fund, has promoted cancer awareness from the sale of its signature “One Step Closer to a Cure” wristbands, selling nearly 70,000 wristbands throughout New England. Justin has also lobbied federal and state law makers to pass laws supporting cancer research. In 2008 Stanton flew to Washington DC with the American Cancer Society to lobby the US Senate and House of Representatives to pass key legislature essential to winning the war on cancer. Stanton also testified before the NH State Commerce Committee in support of the proposed smoking ban, which was successfully passed in 2007. In addition to the annual Kenneth Stanton Memorial Golf Tournament, the Kenneth Stanton Night of Comedy took place Sunday April 3, 2011, and was another hugely successful event.